Past Shows

30 March 2019


Guests: Kasara Newton and Josh Phillipas

Topic: True Love and Compatibility

It’s all about love, and one couple in particular, on this edition of The Morgan Cunningham Show.

23 March 2019


Guest: Shawn Dousis

Topic: Shawn’s Cupboard (On Campus Food Pantry)

The Morgan Cunningham Show focuses on the issue of food insecurity on college campuses.

9 March 2019


Guest: Arthur Rovozzo

Topic: 1965 Northeast Blackout

The Morgan Cunningham Show travels back in time to 1965, when the majority of the northeast spent a night in the dark.

1 March 2019 (Friday Night Special)


Guest: G.W.

Topic: Century III

The Morgan Cunningham Show encourages people to share their memories of the Century III Mall in Pennsylvania.

23 February 2019


Guest: Sean Hayes

Topic: Trucking

The Morgan Cunningham Show with Sean Hayes, who says trucking is his passion – but it isn’t easy.

16 February 2019 


Guest: Nico Helems

Topic: Lake Monster Memphre (Magog, Canada)

The Morgan Cunningham Show with Nico Helems, on the subject of a lake monster in his hometown of Magog, Canada.